Sunday, 1 April 2012

We had an active day yesterday and I must say my swing ball skills are improving...luckily for me Jack likes a bit of creativity when he's in the mood, so we managed to paint a chair, and even start some weaving.  Sometimes I think I must be rather fickle...I never seem to stick at one thing...I love all things textiley (if there's such a word).  I  haven't done any weaving for a while, and it was blissful - so therapeutic and relaxing.  I had my sewing machine out earlier in the day and was very happy to find out how well it stitched on to my painted files...more on this later. Today we are going to go to a local pub for a good help yourself roast.  We are all rather partial to yorkshire puddings.....By the way, I have realised that a coloured background can really mess up the colour another change!

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  1. what a gorgeous, scrummylicious, handsome grandchild you have! hehe