Saturday, 19 May 2012

As you may have gathered by now, I do enjoy mixing and matching my photos...and I always seem to find inspiration in quirky shops....I suppose it's the colour that always draws me.  Talking of drawing, yesterday I took Jack(9) to the first ever Littlehampton arts trail. It was great being able to share it with him and he was particularly interested in the pencil sketches of a local artist who was exhibiting at the top of a viewing tower in the harbour.   The artist's paintings and drawings were terrific, as were the views over the sea, harbour and downs.  I learned that Littlehampton's harbour used to be an important port with regular ferry sailing across to Honfleur , Normandy (one of my favourite french towns).  Wish they still had that ferry - although I did discover that there is now a re-established ferry crossing over the river to Climping Beach, which is full of sand and dunes...this saves over a mile of walking, so I think I must now get my dogs used to going on a boat....!

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