Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I'm beginning to emerge from my stupor and feel slightly less battered than anticipated.  The surgeon was such a nice man and we were chatting throughout the procedure.  At one point he did threaten to completely remove my nose but we both agreed that it could make things rather awkward!!  Since I came home I have hardly left my chair and look what I'm doing........knitting!!  It actually feels quite self-indulgent, and is giving me a chance to make up some smaller items for an Open Houses exhibition next month.  I feel so lucky to have things that I so enjoy doing.........dogs look a bit fed up though because they haven't been out for a walk yet..(and they won't be going for a couple of days...)


  1. Glad he didn't take your whole nose off! you would have looked a bit odd, although I guess you wouldn't be able to smell the dogs! that can't be a bad thing!

  2. My dog could not cope without his two daily walks. He is a man of routine and come rain or shine (or indeed owner incapacity) he is indignant if his routine is affected.

    Having said that, it is raining again, and he hates getting wet! I fear that tomorrow morning we will just have a little jaunt!

    It does seem daft to be knitting in May, but it feels like March or even February here!

    Wishing you well.