Sunday, 27 May 2012

A LITTLE BOY AND LOTS OF DOGS.  It  was so fab. on the Downs yesterday - I just had to put these pictures on today.  I certainly appreciate living in such a beautiful part of the country.  We were all starving after an early start - and the walking - that we felt obliged to go down to the cafe on the beach and have some more of those scrumptious saute potatoes.  We had twice as many as last week - and they disappeared in half the time!!  I offloaded my creations for the Adur art trail in Shoreham.  It is a brilliant venue - a lovely spacious, light house (with an incredible studio in it.  The next venue to ours (which is no. 32 in the brochure) is a houseboat.  I must get a look at this - apparently a very good artist. 
Today is our day off (well - all my days are days off!!) so after I've been walking, swimming and going to Tescoes we plan to go for a good pub lunch......

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