Sunday, 27 May 2012

Well, the Brighton art trail was much to see and so many interesting conversations.  I think what I enjoy the most is going into people's homes and seeing how the work is presented.  A lot of artists are working away in sheds, garages, studios of all sorts, and even caravans!  I saw amazing houses, gardens and art work - and I found plenty of cakes!!  This morning I have just loaded the car with some of my own work and am taking it over to be a part of the Adur Art Trail (I love this time of year because there is art and creativity everywhere!)>  Then I shall spend some sunny time up on the Downs with Emma, Jack and about 100 dogs,,,hey ho.  Have a good day x
inside the shed
inside the caravan


  1. Looks fantastic, l love the pics

  2. Those cakes!!!! Those Cakes!!!!

    What inspirational places. I love that shed. Does the artist work in there all year around (and if so, how do they keep it warm - sorry I cannot completely abandon the day job)