Tuesday, 12 June 2012

All the greens:  I love this old french linen nightshirt which I dyed and severely altered (so that I could get into it!)  Yesterday I added the patchwork pocket and think it looks ok.  I shall wear it today and pretend it's summer!  I still find it fascinating to see my colour mixes...because I must have some inner sense as they all seem to co-ordinate.  This hank of hand dyed and spun silk is one of my favourites.  I shall need to produce some more as I am now using this in a project .  The trouble with me is that I want to keep everything ... but probably not a good idea.  Today we have our knitting group.  We were all going to a garden charity event first - but, guess what?  It's been cancelled because of the weather...........so we'll have a good old knit and natter indoors!

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