Saturday, 7 July 2012

Having spent time doing water colour painting last night, I was spurred on to have a go at a still life........think I'll try more of this when I get home.  Also....I finished the rather strange looking tapestry which started off as a complete jumble of different textures and fibres, but ended up (in my mind anyway!) as a picture of Janet's workshop.  It will always be a memory for me of my wonderful hot, sunny time here in Italy.  I have added a pic of the hairdressers where we spent three happy hours having hair dos and generally becoming immersed in the Italian way of life...indeed it was a very social occasion with babies. kids, dogs, grannies and mums....very unlike going to the hairdressers in U.K.  I am not brave enough to add pics of our  hair (!) but I think we are both happy with the results.  Last, but not least is a photo of the view from our table last night.  Watching the sunset was brilliant.  We'll probably be watching it again tonight as we are going to a party in the olivetti...

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  1. Hello - you're still out there. What a fab holiday, textiles and sunshine (and of course friendship and fabulous italian wine!)