Sunday, 8 July 2012

My very first completed piece of crochet...I was going to give it to our hostess (who's party we went to last night) but in the end Janet and I decided that she deserved it more!!  I'm really pleased that I can now crochet and shall continue to make squares.  I reckon I could make a good jacket with them (one day!!).  The pic of Janet and John's vegetable garden shows how dry and parched's difficult to imagine anything growing in these conditions.  On the way to the party we stopped to chat to these gorgeous horses.....they came running over to the fence and were very friendly.  Last but not least I couldn't resist showing you the two gorgeous Norwegian children that shared our table...they had a great time and were clearly enjoying a night out!


  1. It is hard to imagine such a dry vegetable garden when we are so awash here in blighty!

  2. I love my present of your crochet and I really deserve it