Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Well, I made it home.......I must say, a bit of a shock.  By the time we got to the station where our daughter picked us up, it was absolutely bucketing down with rain and I was freezing!  I ended up by wearing my own cardigan, plus a winter jumper and anorak of Emma's and was still shivering!!!  But, I had a lovely homecoming and went to school to collect Jack.  We then had a happy time wombling around the shops where I managed to get the new dvd of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which I have been wanting to see, and Jack (after about an hour of searching) bought himself a blue ray (or something) dvd that he seemed pleased with.  This was all topped off with a delicious curry - I've never seen Jack eat so much.  He polished off every bit of his chicken tikka masala!!  I've had a great time away, but it's good to be home and I'm now off to walk the girls and have a swim.  The sun is shining this morning and my body has read adjusted to the english temperature!! By the way, this is a bit of weaving I did while I was in Italy.  I did it from a ball of single ply wool that I had spun....I am doing some experiments......

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