Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I started to knit up my handspun last night and took these photos just now in the daylight...what an improvement in the colour.   It was good to relax with my wools after quite a busy day signing mounds of paperwork etc. etc. for the house.....we now have a date of 25 February to move.  If this is not achieved we risk the whole chain collapsing.  I have decided to get into rather pro-active mode and keep pestering solicitors .  I have worked with solicitors in the past and do understand that our transaction is one of many .... having said that, I am homeless and it is important for me to keep things moving - plus I am having to pay quite a lot for the privilege!!  I'll keep you informed....I SO want to get excited about the house, but daren't 'cos you never know!! Have a good day and keep warm x