Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter Woofas.......couldn't resist putting these rather pathetic pictures on of Jaz and George (a girl by the way - although she frequently seems confused by that - I suppose it's not surprising with that name!!)  Anyway, they have cosied down in the snowy weather.  Jaz has taken control of the sofa area and George has commandeered her friend Holly's bed.  I wouldn't mind that, but I bought George a really good bed of her own last week, but she won't go near it!!  We do have a lot of laughs with our dogs...I know they are hard work, hairy and a tie etc etc but I wouldn't be without you will see I have just spun some wool.  Colours here are nothing like the real thing - but you can see that I haven't been idle.  I did have a battle last night with a glove...don't quite know what's happened.  The fourth finger kind of went wrong and the end I cut the deformed finger off and I'll continue resurrecting it.  Hopefully some positive news on the house front....last night we heard that the Wobbly Woman has become less wobbly and is able to hold off completion for another 4 weeks, so I'm off to solicitors etc to try and get things shifted.  Fingers crossed!

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