Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I love the beach....and beach huts in particular.  I think they conjure up memories of childhood for me.  My aunt had a beach hut in Bournemouth and I remember being thrilled with the fact that you could cook inside the hut....it was rather like glorified camping!  Anyway, enough of that. I took these photos on Sunday ..... my brother has recently bought a hut in Brighton, so I am planning some summer beach sessions!  Looking out to see always makes me think of France on the other side of the water.  This morning I have just an e mail in French!!  I have recently started an online creative course and noticed there was a participant from Annecy - a lovely part of France that I visited when I was at school.  Well - last night, in my best schoolgirl french, I wrote to her.  She cannot speak English - so I can see we are going to have some fun communicating!  What a brilliant to get to know people!!  Latest news.....H O P E F U L L Y my determination with solicitors etc. yesterday has paid off.  Not sure yet - but fingers crossed (they are getting permanently crossed these days) I shall receive posotive news today.  Watch this space........

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