Sunday, 3 February 2013

Last night I collected a large bag of my dyed wools from a friend's attic.  It was like being reunited with old friends!!  I now have more in my stash to work with as I am getting through quite a lot of knitting on the dark winter evenings.  I can't wait to get my dyes back and to start splashing around again with fibre and we are supposed to be going to the O2 to see Strictly Come Dancing....I say suppose because last night Jack's temperature shot up - so we wait to see how he is this morning!  At least if I stay behind and babysit I'll get on with more knitting!!!


  1. Hope you do get the the O2. What a wonderful reunion it must have been with your yarns :-)

  2. Glorious wools. So glad the moths did not find them (bit of an infestation in our attic apparently!)

  3. Hope Jack is better now.
    If ever you want to sell any of your yarns Handmade Happiness would happily stock them. Re: selling I've found that people like 50g skeins or balls so they can work out how much they need if they want to follow a pattern.