Thursday, 7 March 2013

How I love the Fluf- a -torium in Dorking.  It feels like heaven walking around the shop and imbibing the atmosphere and colour.  I treated myself to some more fibres for felting and spinning, and also a new book on felting.  It has given me inspiration head is now a-buzzing with ideas.  I'm off to meet a friend in Brighton today.  I love a good old chat over coffee and (you've guessed it!) cake.   Yesterday I thought we were ready to exchange on properties only to discover that the vendors' mortgage has not come through.  I had to tell my solicitors as they didn't know.  In fact I now have two letters from my soliticors saying all parties are ready to exchange and complete!!  Maybe I know their job better than they do?????


  1. Looks fantastic. xxx have a good day.

  2. How's it going Alison? I always look on your blog and I'm wondering if you are busy moving into your new house right now? Good luck with everything. Looking forward to seeing you as soon as you are settled.x