Tuesday, 12 March 2013

This is what greeted me this morning....loads of snow.  It looks so pretty but it does cause so much chaos in this country!! Traffic at a standstill and the usual spate of accidents.  Never mind...Spring is surely on its way.  I haven't blogged for the last couple of days because stress levels have been running at full speed.  Basically I was being blackmailed over the weekend by my purchaser who was going to knock off large sums of money daily unless we exchanged.....so to cut a very long story short we exchanged on the sale yesterday without the security of a house to move into.  So ... now Emma and Jack are also about to be made homeless.  We are still hopeful that our vendors mortgage offer will come through soon...but are now looking at alternatives.  We simply can't afford to wait around for ever.  What a nightmare it's all been.  NEVER again!!!!

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  1. It's freezing cold here - coldest I have been all winter, but no snow.

    So sorry about the continued stress levels with the house move. But in fact I think you have probably done the right thing. Your purchase is now sorted. You can focus on your purchase now, and yes, look at alternatives. That's how we moved last time (and indeed how I would move again - it keeps a chain simple - well relatively!)

    Think about your lovely shed just waiting for you when it all gets sorted out (as no doubt it will!)