Tuesday, 5 March 2013

This is my new shed....small but perfectly formed.  Actually, it isn't pretty but it will be so practical.....particularly because of the light.  The large amount of glass window means that I shan't need electric lights....and the work surface is such a good size, with plenty of storage underneath for bowls and buckets.  The shed is only 6ft x 6ft but this will be fine for my messy work, dyeing, painting etc.  The cleaner stuff - i.e. sewing, spinning. felting etc. will be done inside the house (when we get it!!)  Still news, so I have been busy doing other things.  I'm off to line dancing this morning.  Last night we had an amazing choir practice and next week we sing with the orchestra for the first time.  Baby Olivia is still in hospital with jaundice but is gradually improving...


  1. It's a potting shed!! But what a great place for dyeing and other wet and messy stuff. When you get it installed you should add a bit of insulation to help make it a more year round kind of place. Fabulous!!

  2. That looks perfect for your needs Alison! I can imagine you painting the wood a pretty F&B style colour and making it truly your own. Well done for finding the perfect dyeing venue!x