Monday, 4 March 2013

I enjoyed an early Mother's Day lunch on the bank of the River Thames, which was great....and of joys....the sun peeped out!  I rushed outside to take a photograph!  And then again in the early evening the sun shone over the Oxfordshire countryside.  The light was fantastic - so again another photograph to capture the moment.  Yesterday's blog must have worked because the sun is shining again this morning. I really understand the phrase "my spirit soars..." because that's what mine does when the sun shines.   Hopefully my spirit will soar once again this week if we can possibly manage to exchange contracts.  It's all become a bit of a fantasy other  words I shall believe it when it actually happens!! (needless to say I am talking about the house move).  I must try and   She has a bit of jaundice but mother and baby progressing well!  

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