Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wow!  What a day yesterday.......I have just woken from the most marvellous sleep - and boy, did I need it!!  Jack enjoyed his birthday and is looking forward to building his latest seemed rather appropriate therefore to add these pictures of a builder's yard in Hastings...isn't the old wood beautiful?  Thinks......maybe it would be quicker to build myself a house!!!  It's actually been good to have something else to think about...and today I'm off to Oxford to see family....I'm going to let mother and baby have time to recover from a rather traumatic birth before heading further am happily having time with another granddaughter today.  Hopefully some creative thoughts will start pouring into my head...but yet another grey day isn't desperately inspiring.  How we all need the sun......come on your stuff!  For all those of you who live in exotic places like Italy (!)...count your blessings.... x

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  1. Wonderful wood! Hope you enjoy your trip - we have sunshine here today so spring finally seems to be appearing :-)