Tuesday, 6 August 2013

One of my favourite times of day is when I go for my early morning dog walk.  Yesterday was no exception........isn't it glorious?  And I'm so lucky to live in such a beautiful place !  (you must get tired of hearing this).  Today (7th) is my birthday - and so we're going out for a birthday lunch...I remember two years ago I was on a Disney Cruise and we cruised in to a port in the south of France where we were met by my brother in law (who lives there) and had a great day.  Not quite so great today - but still good - and a great day tomorrow, when I leave home early to go up to the Quilt Show in Birmingham.  Have a good day x  (I can't understand why my computer insists on putting me one day behind....I can assure it's Wednesday 7th August!!!)


  1. Happy Birthday to you Alison! Enjoy your day! X

  2. Hope you a lovely day at the Quilt show and Happy Birthday for today!