Friday, 4 October 2013

I have a show at the end of this month and so I have started to try and get myself organised!  Yesterday I wrapped packs of five of my cards/notelets into bundles - tied them with raffia and added a painted and stitched label.  I am pleased with the result - so hopefully I shall sell some.After the Show I have promised myself to make a real effort to sell.  The trouble with me is that I keep making.....(because I love to do it) but don't put much effort into trying to sell.  People tell me that the best way to sell is on line and face-book.  I have sold a few things through Etsy I  must have another go!!  Today I am off to a training course for the serious stuff of life....that makes the contrast of creativity even better!!  Have a good day x


  1. exquisitely delicious! You've been up to some fabulous things, hope your foot keep healing well ;)

  2. I would have bought more than just one:)