Sunday, 6 October 2013

Another selection of my cards/notelets packed and ready to go!!  The sun is shining I'm going to risk trying a very short dog walk.  Today is the 6 week anniversary of ripping the ligaments in my foot - so I thought I'd celebrate!!


  1. Hello - I am off with the dogs too. They are looking most miffed by the fact that I am even sat here typing to you!

    Good luck with the foot!

    And by the way, I love these cards. I love your technique. Do you ever do demonstrations or classes? I would love to know how you achieve some of these painterly effects.

    Oh and as I have just said to Annabel and Kit on Annabels blog (Grumpy and Mad) i am finding comments damned tricky when I read blogs on my iPad. It just freezes! Grrr! Do you think its something about Apple and Google in some sort of dispute.

    Anyway - just to let you know that I am still here and loving your blog - your little snippets of arty life.

    Oh and love the new look kitchen doors by the way - and the conservatory. You look well and truly settled in now.


    ps would be great if Blogger could add a little 'like' button just to let you know that I have popped by and am loving your stuff. Here's hoping.

  2. Beautiful, these would make a lovely gift......are they for sale....somewhere on land or tinternet?

  3. Finally got here, BRILLLIANT,they look great. Im sure they'll sell, I would certainly buy them. Alison take a look at a site called Spoonflower, you can have your designs etc. printed into fabric etc. I would love some cushions.
    Floor looks amazingx