Monday, 7 October 2013

It never stops in our house does it?  Now we are stripping the floors in the living area....I was slightly apprehensive because we had very little idea of the state of the floor boards....but true to form, like the rest of this little gem of a house, they are fantastic.  Just a couple need to be replaced.  The result of sanding is awesome and will be much cleaner and fresher with the dogs.  The cats are slightly perturbed this morning ..... they're rather miffed at all the changes.  At the moment one of them is perched on top of the cupboard, whereas the other one has legged it up to the bedroom!!  By the way do you like our £40 sofa? I love it - one of the best buys......


  1. I'm considering either stripping the floorboards or laying laminate downstairs too, you've done a fab job. Great sofa too :-)