Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I've been asked to do a short workshop on making books/art journals.  I'm trying to think of a zippy title........any ideas?  I think I'll focus on the "quickness" (I'm sure there's no such word, but you know what I mean!!).  In other words I should like to convey the idea that it is possible to get going, and add to making a book in snatched moments. I know I get quite paralysed by actually starting.  If I decide to work in a ready made journal - I never start at the beginning.  I just randomly select a page and start to splash.  Then I don't have to worry about being too organised!  My books are always completed over a long period of time - so going back to my workshop idea, I guess the important bit is to actually start!


  1. A little late with this comment but the colours you have used in these books are just beautiful!

  2. "Inside out - overcoming obstacles to art books and journals" - any good?