Sunday, 31 May 2015

I'm already dyeing and preparing yarn for the next big project which I plan to be a coat.  I am thinking flame colours plus slate blue/grey/slate is some carded fleece ready to spin.  I thought the colours were reflected in these two beautiful scenes in our local park.  I am also working away on a scarf, which I plan to sell.  I am using more or less the same colours as my jacket - as I love them, and they are always very popular!  I am also in the process of trying to be more proficient in the use of social media etc.  With the help of my grandson Jack, of J C Designs, I am opening a new website and shall concentrate on my dyed yarns and woven pieces.  The address is:   I love the name and the domain is free!!  I also have a fibrefrenzi Facebook now, and have been absolutely staggered how many people it has reached within a few days.  I think I shall probably write this blog on a weekly basis and put more into the page than before.  Thanks for reading this....and have a good day!


  1. Well I timed my early morning cuppa just right - picked my iPad up and here you are with lots of lovely colour!!
    I shall have a peep at your site and I really should get a grip of social media - made a hash of my first go with Facebook so must try agai.

  2. Love the way the greens blend with the countryside scenes. Always so much wonderful colour in your posts. I love to see them