Sunday, 7 June 2015

I can't believe a week has gone by since I last wrote my time flies.  I'm sure it must be a sign of getting older!!  This has been a good week, and as usual there has been a mix of dogs, family, counselling work and creative pursuits.  I finished weaving my scarf (shown here).  I used some of the yarn left over from the jacket - which I may say I have worn a lot already.  I have also been busy preparing yarn for my next big project....a coat...So, I hope to warp up this week.  My fingers are itching to get weaving again.  I feel a bit lost when there's nothing on my loom.  Another thing - in about 10 days time I am running a workshop which I have called "Art Attack" .  I am now having to work out what to do....but one thing's for sure, I need to get painting again.  Now the weather is good I can get outside not only to paint, but also to dye...I have piles of fleece awaiting the spinning wheel!!  So life goes on....lovely to be enjoying the sunshine by the sea!  Long may it last.  Have a good week x


  1. Your colours, whether painting or dyeing, spinning and weaving are just beautiful and look at your garden flowers - colour co-ordinated. Amazing poppy!

  2. Absolutely beautiful work, I love your colour combinations. Thanks for visiting my blog too.