Monday, 21 September 2015

Autumn has arrived.....we haven't yet put the heating on, but it is definitely feeling chilly.  Never mind, time to get wrapped up in woven scarves!!  I have been quite productive this week, and am building up my stock.  I even had a session on art journalling over the weekend.  I have incorporated a lot of weave in the book, and thought I would put it next to weavings in a forthcoming exhibition in Chichester.  I'm not really ready to sell yet, but have (metaphorically) had my arm twisted and agreed to put some things on display.  The weeks are whizzing by, and our Caribbean cruise now seems a distant memory - but it WAS good and has given lots of good memories.......We went with the dogs to a small local dog show yesterday.  Jasmine was 4th in the "prettiest bitch" class (my daughter thought the judge needed specs!!) and Madge came 4th in the senior class.  A bit of fun....and money went towards an animal charity.  


  1. A wonderfully productive time it seems

  2. I love it when you post with all your lovely pics! You've certainly been busy with the weaving - it's delicious! Is Jasmine the pretty, pretty spaniel and Madge a beagle or a basset - I can't quite tell from the angle but she's obviously enjoying a good roll around.

  3. Oh your weavings are a delight! When and what is going on in Chichester? Let me know the details and when I am next home I will pop along to have a look.

    I am guessing from your blog post that were not quite brave enough to give The Workshop Sale a go. Shame but I totally understand. It took a lot of, well bullying, to get me to give it a go. I am panicking that I won't have enough stock to sell but I am getting a bit focussed and got a batch lot of mono prints done last week as backgrounds for A3 pieces. I have ambitions to give Clocks and Lampshades a go, but that might just be an ambition too far!

    Anyway, let me know about the Chichester event and keep up with that lovely weaving (I just love the colours). Oh, and while I am here I also love the art journal you did. You are so bold with your colour. It just sings out.


    ps Congrats on the dog show! My boy would just win 'most unsociable dog'!

  4. I'd love to know when the Chichester show is too, please.