Sunday, 13 September 2015

My latest weaving is off the loom, washed and hanging out to dry.  I had big problems with the warp and it got all had to improvise.  Hopefully it will be ok when pressed....I guess it's all good experience! its been a good week...Jack has started at his new school and seems energised and enjoying being treated in a more adult way.  Ive also been busy dog walking and generally helping out with the dog business.   At this time of year I always plan and try to organise the coming year (years of teaching I suppose!!).  This year I shall be doing an art history course, continue with my book club, continue with two Guilds and a monthly 'making session".  I am also running some workshops for Cruse Bereavement Care....the list goes on.  I'm not manic, just enjoy life!!  Ooh....I almost forgot, I plan to re-open my Etsy shop in January so am building up stock for that.  Have a good week!!


  1. Superb weaving! I'm going to in trouble now you are going to have an Etsy shop!! I shall be waiting for this.

  2. Your weaving looks fine despite the tangling. Beautiful colours. I shall look forward to your Etsy shop.