Sunday, 13 December 2015

Ive spent the last hour trying to find my photos on the laptop....just when I think Ive cracked this technological wonder....things change (or they seem to) and I have to start learning all over again!  Oh well, it must be good for the little grey cells!  Anyway - back to creativity - I haven't done much weaving this week, but I am really liking the slow pace of doing a whole length of tapestry weave, which will become part of my next coat.  I put my headphones on - music on - and I am transported to another world...a good way to spend these dark winter days (not long now till the shortest day....yipee!!) I decided to add a photo of gorgeous flowers taken in the Caribbean last summer - just to make me feel better!!  Enjoy your week x


  1. Your cost is making up for the grey. Grey is ok but not day after day!!!

    Shortest day - yes!!! Then spring will soon be here!

  2. Alison your multitude of beautiful coloured threads in your weaving is staggering, I find looking at your photos just wonderfully relaxing but exciting at the same time because of all your colours!
    In case you don't post again before Christmas have very Happy Christmas and New Year.