Sunday, 28 February 2016

I couldn't let the week pass without noting the 9th birthday of my ginger boys......they have a pretty good life I must say!!  Now, back to weaving......I am still weaving my next cowl (although I think infinity scarf sounds better!)  I don't think the colour in the photos do it justice - the actual colour is a rather sludgy, sea-green mix.  I really like it and shall keep this one for myself!  Now that Spring is very slowly beginning to spring, I am getting my head around dyeing, carding and spinning.  I have given my art hut a bit of a spring clean - all we want now is some sun.....please.......Have a good week x


  1. Happy birthday to your lovely boys! Regardless of whether it really is more of a sludgy green I just love what I am seeing posted here - beautiful.

  2. Spring is trying to do its thing but as I tap this out its all wet and windy outside again.

    Never mind. Just around the corner and meanwhile your colours keep us all happy!