Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I've been away for a few days visiting friends and family....so not too much on the creative front.  Today I did manage to do some carding before heading down to the beach.  I have now discovered that I am unable to take any more photos on my i-phone as storage is full,  It is such a mystery to me because I keep deleting my photos from the phone, but it says photo storage is full.....I think a visit to the Apple store is now imperative.  There is nothing more I can delete.......help!


  1. Wonderful beach shots - we are wet and windy here presently.

  2. We had a lovely morning here too yesterday. Stunning. A hint that the seasons are on the change.

    I had that problem with my old phone. No matter how many photos I deleted it would not take more. In the end I got a new phone! (which, because I never g for the most up to date model, did not cost me much at all. I was told the issue was more about the fact that the whole memory was used with apps etc. rather than just the photographs.