Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My I-pod has has developed a huge black circle on the screen.  I've absolutely no idea what it is, but luckily yesterday I found all my receipts etc....and also, I hadn't realised but I took out a "whatever happens" insurance policy.  Presumably I shan't have to pay anything for a repair/new one.  I use my I-pod to take most of my photos as I find it so user friendly! I love the flower in this picture.  I took the photo (on my I-pod) at a Lebanese restaurant in Teneriffe...I love to remember those warm, relaxing days....By the way did you see , on BBC news, pictures of a brown bear wandering around a school in California?  When I first saw the news clip, I joked that it was probably the school in the U.S where our kids went to school for a while.  Blow me was.........!!!

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