Sunday, 14 June 2015

I got the paints out.....and am experimenting before I lead a workshop next Thursday.  Tomorrow I shall get my plans finalised for this. I am hoping to free people up......a lot of stitchers (of course not all!) put so much effort into "getting it right" that they can easily lose spontaneity and creativity.  I have never been technically brilliant but I am happy to go for it and experiment.  At the end of the day, if something doesn't work well - it's only fabric!! I really do think that often the best results come from a happy accident!  During the week I have been enjoying the outdoor life, particularly gardens.  I met an old friend for coffee on Friday....she tried on The Jacket and has put in a definite order!!! (Hopefully before 2016!)  Meanwhile I have started on The Coat....I shall be interested to see how the colours work.  I am trying to push the boundaries and use a different palette, but knowing me, it will probably end up with my favourite hues!!

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  1. Love a houseleek! I'm very intrigued by your workshop - whereabouts are you teaching?!